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Thinking Outside the Cubicle

Innovation, inspiration, and collaboration don’t grow in fluorescent light, and creativity can’t stretch its legs within the confines of a cubicle. At Synergy Business & Technology Center, founder Michael Holliday is redefining the conventional workplace. The unique space, just two blocks from the pacific ocean, is both modern and environmentally conscious. High walls and skylights allow natural sunlight to pour in on the community of work stations, which are suited for both independent and collaborative work. With the help of his sons, Holliday built the business incubator with his bare hands, combining architectural craft with functionality and comfort.

Synergy began with a family’s effort and support. In a matter of months, the vision was constructed into solid reality. It is in the handmade woodwork that you can see the dedication and pride that the whole Holliday family has put into the project. From the company’s catchphrase to its wall of paddle boards, every member of the family has helped design Synergy BTC into what it is today. The nurturing environment has not let go of its roots, for the communal and innovative atmosphere will foster a family in itself. Sitting among the open work stations will feel more like an acquainted family dining table than an office building. The shared kitchen, break rooms, and enjoyable activities such as bike riding will round out the true feeling of a diverse yet close-knit family.

The easy-going and relaxed dynamic of Synergy BTC allows for more creativity, productivity, and ultimately, success. At some point in human history, it was decided that the best thinking was to be done in an office chair, hunched over a gray desk flooded in fluorescent light. But the Synergy family is changing this notion for the better, because the freshest and most inspired mind is nurtured by a great quality of life. Under the California sunshine, this is where ideas are born, where entrepreneurs find their hook, and where start-ups have room to grow. Synergy Business & Technology Center has incredible potential as breeding ground for individual and corporate progress.

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